Sinopathic 2013 Review: The Year in Video

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We love watching Chinese television and videos here on Sinopathic; speaking directly to your household appliances is the only way to maximize your consumer efficiency. Here then are some of the television shows and videos we’ve watched over the past year.

The Curdle Cutter“: We had high hopes for this video becoming viral, but unfortunately not enough people were proselytized by the magic of “milk slicing” as performed by Taiwanese idol group Sun Lady.

Very Perfect“: This series of stories are among our highest viewed videos on Youtube, and so we can see that the craze of Chinese dating shows have struck a nerve with a Western audience. Will these ladies be able to find a sense of security with these eligible bachelors? Are singles simply too busy with work to be interested in finding their soul mates? “Very Perfect” doesn’t answer these questions so much as make our itch to find out even more pronounced.

Beijing Youth“: This TV series followed the exploits of a band of “brothers as they make their imprint upon the Capital B. For ardent practitioners of “Chinese logic”, the following would serve as an indelible example:

Mother of the Year: Here’s another video we thought would get more viral traction. As effective the sight is of a girl with a beard and eyebrow makeover, we think the cackling of the mother is the real performance of this video:

We watched many other TV shows like the Chinese version of Project Runway, “Creative Sky“, a firecracker safety video showing exactly how not to use them on the “Life Gang“, and delved into some good old-fashioned depictions of Japanese imperialists; furthermore, we brought you the story of the Chinese reporter lauded for his poor English,

Sinopathic also made our observations upon the effect of Western TV shows, movies and videos upon Chinese culture. These include Breaking Bad, 2 Broke Girls, Skyfall and Alison Gold’s “I Love Chinese Food“.We noted how “V for Vendetta” was shown uncut on Chinese national television, yet remarked upon how any and all stuttering was cut out of “The King’s Speech”; all the same, we were finally able to best appreciate the comedy stylings of Adam Sandler in its proper vehicle of expression, Mandarin Chinese. As well, we told you that despite the awesomeness of a movie where a man punches the eyeballs out of another man’s skull, “The Man With the Iron Fists” is not actually a Chinese movie.

Sinopathic also made many movie reviews including those about “Lost in Journey“, “Lost in Thailand“, “Million Dollar Crocodile“, “Mysterious Island“ as well as for romantic comedies “Lost in Cosmos“, “I Do” and “Finding Mr Right“. We talked about the current cultural hit-phenomenon of “Where Are We Going? Dad“, the inanity of “Dragons Patrolling the World” as well as a state-mandated example of a nationally broadcast “blackface” performance.

We told you about how a video of Margaret Thatcher falling down became a recurring news item in the Chinese media on the day of her death. As well, Sinopathic has always given out its commentary freely, but with this video we thought that no commentary was necessary:

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