How to Stop Chinese Men from Peeing on the Floor of the Bathroom

easy on the pee
But there’s only one proper way to find out if that fence is electrified…

Good job on getting that Jade Rabbit to the moon and leaving it there, but there’s still more work to be done, China. Of course, this is in reference to the pressing issue of our time: the giant puddle of urine that lies below every urinal in China. Continue reading

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The Annual Spring Festival Gala Always Sucks for All the Same Hard Reasons

cheongsam kid chinese new year
What, no bound feet?

In China, the path ahead is a cycle. Every step forward is a step within this cycle path. Continue reading

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Sinopathic: We Hardly Knew Thee…

sun lady taiwan idol group dancing milk slicer chinese twerking
Curdle Cutter: we salute you

Hey folks, just wanted to send a personal note explaining the lack of Sinopathic posts lately. Continue reading

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Picture This: The Decline of the American Empire as Seen in China

the decline of the american empire china flag these colors don't run

Happy new year everyone. To start off 2014, here’s a picture that encapsulates everything you need know for the next year: The only useful purpose for this flag of the United States of America is to keep raw produce warm during the winter at an outdoor market.

These colors don’t run – that’s how you stay warm when its cold out.

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Sinopathic 2013 Review: Calling the Shots

my asian girl day above ground racism tran levy satire

We’ve written a lot here at Sinopathic over the past 14 months ever since we started making pithy observations upon Chinese news and culture. Before the year’s end, here is a look back at some of the nearly 300 stories we ran. Instead of being a collection of “best” stories, instead we have brought to you some of the stories we ran that didn’t get some of the attention it received the first time: Continue reading

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Sinopathic 2013 Review: The Year in Video

very perfect gif chinese television dating reality show

We love watching Chinese television and videos here on Sinopathic; speaking directly to your household appliances is the only way to maximize your consumer efficiency. Here then are some of the television shows and videos we’ve watched over the past year. Continue reading

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Laowai is a Four Letter Word

hainan haikou naked foreigner sitting in street protest passive resistance russian

It may be that throughout the process of determining one’s exit strategy from China, expat self-examination has become a trend of late. If the days of the “free-wheeling expat on a free lunch” are indeed drawing to a close in China, then the justification for remaining in China needs to be more defined.

As the reasons for being an expat in China are questioned, so too may the very definition of an expat be examined. After all, during your tenure in China you’ve doubtlessly been called a “laowai” more than once – so just what does “laowai” actually mean besides the label you are sacked with? Is it a good word, or a bad word? Continue reading

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Playing All the Different Angels: Chengguan “Goddess” Goes Viral

chengguan goddess

“Goddess of Chengguan”; Hawkers Say “Once She Smiles, I’ll Do Anything She Says”

Xiong Chaorong is a “goddess” – that unattainable touch of divinity that will forever attract men; that lofty pinnacle of ideal femininity that other women want. Such is the only appropriate way for Chinese to describe such fair beauty; “total babe-alicious” is simply not descriptive enough. Continue reading

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Mother Beats Child on Street: “If She Dies From Beating, Then So Be It” [DISTURBING]

guangdong child abuse on street mistreatment face dongguan

This is a difficult video to watch. Continue reading

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Watch This: CCTV Blackface Performance for Children’s Day 2012

blackface childrens festival brother good african marabou stock racism

To begin, by official standards: China is a harmonious place. People in China live in fraternity and mutual respect as people all reap the gains of a prosperous society. As such, there is no racism. Officially. Continue reading

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