Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

One of the most common types of papers you will write while you are in college is the argumentative essay. There are two basic types of argumentative essays, the five-paragraph or the extensive argument essay. Argumentative essays can easily be turned into speeches for debate class as well. This is a commonly done by students on the debate team at many colleges.

Here are some of the best argumentative essay topics for college students. Feel free to take these and make them your own and put your own spin on them.

Nicotine is a deadly, highly addictive drug and the sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.

Technology is overtaking us and we should take time to disconnect once in a while.

The United States should change the way they report unemployment.

Employers in the United States should give female workers more time off to have children and during pregnancy, and fathers should have expanded rights.

There should be more access to healthy eating and junk food should be banned from schools.

The driving age should be increased to 21.

Cell phones should be banned from use in cars, bikes and motorcycles.

Students should be required to earn their financial aid by receiving good grades and participating in extracurricular activities.

The speed limit should be lowered back to 55 on highways and expressways.

Children should be required to participate in physical education to combat obesity.

Recess should be abolished and we should spend more time getting our students up to par with those in other countries.

The government has a right to decide what information we see and this is the proper use of censorship.

Baby boomers should not be entitled to Social Security if they never put money into it in order to preserve this for the next generation.

People who hoard should be jailed for attempted murder for the danger they put fireman and policeman in when they need to be rescued.

Student athletes should be held to a lower standard than other students because without them schools would not have money for the rest of their students.

These are just a few argumentative essay topics for college students. If you are looking for a great essay, then look no further than these topics.

Make sure your argument has tons of research to back it up. The first thing your college professors will look at is if your argument has a good foundation. Make sure to introduce and conclude your argument as well. With these essay topics and tips for college students you are well on your way to a solid essay.