Sinopathic: We Hardly Knew Thee…

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Curdle Cutter: we salute you

Hey folks, just wanted to send a personal note explaining the lack of Sinopathic posts lately.

The obvious reason is that I’ve recently taken on new responsibilities that will prevent me from making blog posts on a regular basis. The previous “standard” of publishing five blogs a week will no longer be enforceable, so you’ll be seeing a lot less of terroir with your morning coffee, and so there will also be presumably less coffee to spit out at the screen.

I would hope to presume this to not be the end; I still have a lot of snark still left in me that can only be excised through publishing. I certainly hope to keep writing, but time restrictions will limit as to what I will be able to do. Instead of publishing on each weekday, it will now likely be the opposite in which I publish only on the weekends. Instead of long translation pieces, it will now likely be opinion pieces and reaction pieces.

I truly love Sinopathic – doing this blog has been a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve enjoyed doing it. Though it will continue in some shape and form, it won’t be what it was before; this is because “terroir” is me, and it may come to pass that this identity may even come out one day.

“terroir” has been a very good alter ego for me; “terroir” can do and say the things that I can’t. Along the same lines, Sinopathic has been a good blog for me this past year.

As this is the internet: there are no good-byes, just less F5′s and the short-term memory takes care of the rest…

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  • mr.wiener

    Keep up the good work Terrior. The web would be a poorer place without you.

    • terroir

      Thanks, dude. I do want to keep on snarking, it will just not be as regular as before.

      The great part about this all is that I can drop all pretense at being a “news” blog and just offer 100% opinion …. and 47% sarcasm.

      It adds up, in the end.

  • Germandude

    Yeah, keep it up. Regarding the picture above the post and you mentioning “instead of 5 posts a week”, I guess the reason for your limited presence is: “5 girls a week”.

    • terroir

      I don’t know if this is good-bye, but I thought, “What’s the last pic that I ever want to have Sinopathic known by?”

      That video was soooo close to becoming viral. Sigh. All we have left are our memories of memories.,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I haven’t see you in a while, but it’s awesome that you still have an avatar with the bird prominently displayed.

  • johndoe

    R.I.P ‘Terrior’, you will be missed.

  • Paul Schoe

    Success with the new responsilities. I still welcome your ‘sarcasm’ to help me make some sense of the China that still manages to surprise me. All the best.

    • terroir

      My responsibilities have changed. Maybe you’ll enjoy my “sarcasm” in a different capacity, in a different place.

      Thanks dude.

  • Guest23

    Good luck, thanks for the posts.

    • terroir

      Thank you. And yet, I never figured out the origin story of your name. Superpowers are probably involved.

      • Guest23

        Ask and ye shall receive + Guest = silly name, good luck and thanks again for the wonderful blog.

        • terroir

          I should have guest. That book remains my all-time favorite book that I never finished. Yossarian is that great character that I never want to meet in real life.

          I really didn’t mean for this post to mean that I’m never writing on this blog again, just that I will never again be able to write as often as I once did. Maybe I was being sly, but I didn’t say it’s because I’m writing somewhere else.

          Anyways, I’ll try to write up something this half-weekend. Yup, it’s snark week on the Diss-Covery Channel.