Mother Beats Child on Street: “If She Dies From Beating, Then So Be It” [DISTURBING]

guangdong child abuse on street mistreatment face dongguan

This is a difficult video to watch.

A smartly dressed woman is seen on the street with a child crumpled at her feet. The video documents the woman kicking, dragging and spanking this girl as the child cries incessantly.

We don’t know what happened before the video started. Anything could have happened to instigate this horrific treatment that may have warranted a justification of this child abuse: the girl is the cause of the crash of the Hindenburg; she failed to enter a top tier pre-pre-pre-school and so blew her chance at passing the gaokao; this is detailing the origin story of the next “Kill Bill” protagonist; or simply that she is Japanese.

As astute ombudsman Louie CK would point out, ‘What did that shitty kid do to that poor woman? That poor woman. I wish I could help.’ But yeah, this woman raised a hand in anger against this girl and is a terrible person for mistreating her; the outpouring of Chinese outrage towards this woman certainly seems to think so.

As it is, it gets worse. Two men wearing police uniforms emerge from a patrol car as the woman carries on speaking on the phone, trying to ignore the growing attention before her. When the police officer then tries to take a picture/video of the scene, he is stopped by the woman who finally springs into action. She lets loose with a number of reasons why everyone else is wrong saying such face-saving measures as:

“If she dies from getting a beating then so be it; what difference is it to you?”

“This isn’t child abuse; I’m educating her.”

“I am not related to you in any way; how is it that I’m related to you?”

“I’m not just going to let her cry, but also let her die if need be…”

It still gets worse. The woman is confirmed by Houjie police to be the girl’s mother. This woman is currently undergoing a divorce with the girl’s father, and they both do not want custody of the girl. Something to do with “children are so precious” and all that, we’re sure.

With the involvement of the police, any outraged citizen may be heartened to know that the perpetrator of this child abuse has been taken into custody with evidence taken of the crime. We wouldn’t be remiss to think that justice will prevail and evil will be punished. Right? Right?

A spokesperson for the Houjie police stated:

“Afterwards, the woman’s husband also arrived at the scene; the three people were taken to the police sub-station for talks. The woman directly guaranteed right to the faces of the police that from this day forward she would never again hit the girl, and then left the police sub-station.

Yes, there’s no way this is tragic. But then this takes place in the city of Dongguan, and Dongguan is located in China’s Florida, Guangdong.

[Photo from Junqing123]

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  • alamaksingsong

    neither parent wants the daughter?

    • terroir

      Yes. Now that I think about it, that should have been the “worst thing”.

      • alamaksingsong

        I was also thinking that daughters were also less preferred over sons. Hence, both parents would prefer not to have custody over the girl and hence the kind of treatment she is receiving.

        • terroir

          Perhaps. But to me it sounds like both parents are being dicks and using their daughter as the pawn to implement hurt to the other side.

          I mean, it would be the first time it ever happened in China, but still.

  • mr.wiener

    yee gods, what a bitch. I kinda hope the daughter grows up and puts her mum in a urine soaked retirement home.