Eyewitness and Video Proof Against Foreign Motorist that Struck Pedestrian

laowai road accident

Remember how this story started out with how this foreigner was the innocent victim of an extortion scam as described by Sohu News? Let’s forget all about that now. “Happy MacGraith” drove his motorbike right into his victim.

And here is the video evidence to prove it:

Yes, “Farnsworth Furdiddle” cut across two lanes through a blind spot to collide into the victim, a pedestrian who seems to be walking with the light. The most recognizable details from the blurry video are the hat and clothes of the “girl” riding on the back of the bike.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the Chinese media with a third news story about the same incident:

From Sx Daily:

Foreign Man Crashes into Woman, Pedestrians at Scene: “A Foreigner is Bullying a Chinese”

An accident occurred on a pedestrian crossing and vehicle thoroughfare in Beijing on December 2 that attracted a lot of attention and was quickly disseminated. The two parties of the accident were a foreign man riding a motorcycle and a middle-aged woman crossing the road. When the incident occurred many different opinions were expressed of the incident: “A foreigner who helped up an old auntie who fell down has been extorted for 1800 RMB”; “Chinese Auntie has been wronged, has been truthfully crashed into by a laowai”; and then there are other people who have paid the most attention to “Laowai uses Chinese coarse language against fallen auntie.”

According to an investigation by this reporter, it is determined that this foreign man drove an unlicensed motorcycle and collided into a middle-aged woman, after which both sides became embroiled in a dispute. The woman was sent to a hospital afterwards for an examination; because her injuries were ascertained to be minor, the two sides would go to a police station to undergo negotiations where in the end the foreign man paid 1800 RMB in compensation to the woman for mental anguish and medical expenses.

Middle-aged woman collided into at crosswalk

This incident happened at the crosswalk of the intersection at Fresh Creek Garden Road and Left Family Township Street in Chaoyang District; there were many eyewitnesses to the scene.

The owner of an adult marital aid shop located not 20 meters away from the accident recalls that the traffic accident happened two days ago at around 10:30. “At the time, the auntie was carrying groceries and was crossing the street at the crosswalk.”

This owner said a black motorcycle coming from Left Family Township Street was driving towards Fresh Creek Garden Road. When turning right onto Fresh Creek Garden Road, the motorcycle collided with the auntie that was crossing the road using the crosswalk. The auntie fell down onto the ground and the chicken wings, bean sprouts, and noodles that were located in her plastic bag all fell out onto the ground. Driving the motorcycle was a laowai, and riding in the back was a woman wearing a black coat.

Miss Wang, an eyewitness to the entire scene, said that after the collision the auntie lay flat on her back facing the sky. The laowai quickly got off his bike and went to help up the auntie and tried his best to move her over to the side of the road; however, the auntie was not willing to comply.

Foreign man uses coarse language against the woman

The owner of the adult marital aid shop states that after the collision the auntie lay still on the ground for a number of minutes as she kept twitches and shaking.

Miss Wang said that the laowai volunteered his help at the beginning with a very good attitude. “But the auntie refused to budge, and could not be helped up.”

Eyewitness Mr Li said that when the laowai said to the auntie, “If you’re not going to get up, I’m going to leave,” the auntie suddenly sprang up and grabbed a hold of the man’s leg while she ripped and tore at his clothes while she yelled, “Traffic accident! This laowai crashed into me!”

The owner of the marital aid shop said that the sound of the argument between the two sides attracted tens of nearby pedestrians to gather around. According to Mr Li as well as from video taken by 3 other eyewitnesses at the scene, the many bystanders were commenting profusely to each other while the auntie knelt on the ground over the motorcycle of the laowai while crying out, “I need the police!” while other bystanders at the scene called out “Hit him!”

“You stupid cunt, fuck your grandfather…” Of these videos taken at the scene, one of them shows the laowai taking off his scarf and then cursing at the crowd and at the auntie in Chinese; though his Chinese is not fluent, it is still very distinguishable nonetheless. The owner of the marital aid shop states that the laowai had repeatedly said that the scene, “You’re trying to trick/scheme me!” as well as “Once you see that I’m a foreigner, you want to extort money from me.”

Mr Li said that the laowai seen in the video cursing at people became very irate when the crowd began to threaten him by saying, “Beat him, beat him!” Eyewitness Miss Wang verified that some bystanders at the scene had cried out, “There is a foreigner bullying a Chinese.”

In regards to the online rumor that “the foreigner was so anxious that he began to cry”, many eyewitnesses yesterday stated they did not see this happen.

Foreign man has no driving permit

As the facts relate, this foreigner is an Italian who grew up in England and had previously operated a restaurant in Beijing; he has been living in Beijing for 6 years. The woman who was collided into is a middle-aged woman surnamed Li, 50 years-old. She is from Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and had first come to Beijing in 2008 in order to take care of her daughter who is working in the capital.

Yesterday, the official Weibo account for the Public Security Bureau of Beijing named “@Safe Beijing” had made a post stating that at around 10:40 on December 2, the 110 police emergency hotline had received many reports to which officers were quickly dispatched to the scene. According to the investigation, as a woman was crossing the street using the crosswalk, she was struck by a foreign man driving a motorcycle.

In the middle of the police investigation, the woman who had fallen to the ground announced that she wasn’t feeling well; police called 120 (ambulance services) who then took the woman to the hospital. After an examination, it was determined that the woman had only suffered minor injuries.

Some eyewitnesses had stated yesterday that the laowai and his accompanying female friend were taken away by police while the motorcycle was taken away by a Jinbei truck.

The police had procured a copy of the video surveillance tape [of the intersection]; a preliminary finding shows the foreign man has no driver’s licence and the motorcycle is unregistered. On the same day in which the motorcycle was confiscated, legal proceedings against illegal traffic behavior have been instituted. At present, this case is in the process of being tried.

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  • ivan_the_tyrant

    Video proof is there, but if she was unhurt, as the medical exam proved, she was also in the wrong by trying to scam a quick buck. Looks like they’re both assholes.

    Plus, once the crowd starts in…

    • http://sinopathic.com/ terroir

      For some reason, I can see you comment from the back end. So if I may:

      1) This is justice in China. Be like Kyle and don’t like it all you want; I’ll be right there with you at your side nodding my head with my arms crossed. But that’s the way it is.

      2) Am very glad that that point was brought up. It’s right there in the title: “The crowd rallies by saying ‘A foreigner is hassling a Chinese’ with the sentiment of ‘Let’s get him!’” If the article is biased as Kyle says it is, this particular part definitely doesn’t make Chinese look good at all.

      3) No flame wars here. It’s all rainbows and sunshine.

  • Kyle

    This article seems pretty biased. He was wrong to drive like an idiot but accidents to happen. He shouldn’t have cursed but she was putting on quite a show to earn her 1800 kuai payday. This type of extortion is pretty standard fare these days. Some real accident happens, people feign a broken neck and try to get 30,000 kuai out of you.

    • http://sinopathic.com/ terroir

      Meh. This article is mostly a translation of a Chinese news article that a) has facts and details and b) uses references. Besides the video evidence, the rest of this “article” (it’s a blog to me) is me begrudgingly changing my opinion as the facts change.

      Still, the original article from two days ago spells out my initial reaction, and I still stand by that. This is justice in China – if you don’t like the way that this woman got justice, that’s fine. But it’s the only way she’ll get justice, and that justice is monetary compensation.

  • mr.wiener

    What’s the most interesting to me is when the story first came out [with the foreigner as victim] the Chinese were very quick to indulge in an orgy of self-recrimination about how fecked up their country is. When the truth emerged this all changed ..very fast to cries for a lynching.
    China, nothing ever changes, except when it already has and you are already too late.

    • http://sinopathic.com/ terroir

      All news happens in a trend; that’s what the media tells us. So now that there is a “extort those who help up the fallen” trend, this too must fit in.

      Oh, but there’s a scientific reason why this misunderstanding took place…

  • Guest23

    So instead of cooling the situation down, the bystanders made it into an elementary school fight, chanting “fight! fight! fight!” and the old auntie played the victim role yelling and screaming, agitating the Italian and making him swear against these idiots who escalated the situation, this is what I’m getting at these, wow, just wow, even with him being at fault, they really had to make the problem into a news headline.

  • thomas

    Look carefully at who is on the bike. I see 2 people. The driver in black, and a child holding onto him/her in front. At the moment they crash, it’s very clear there are 2 people on the bike. This is not the foreigner, because he was alone and has no child. Why has nobody noticed this yet???