Fall from Rooftop During Motorcycle Driving Lesson Fatal to Over-Easy Riders

motorcycle fall off roof tragedy

motorcycle fall off roof tragedy motorcycle fall off roof tragedy

Do you remember where you were on May 29th at 2 in the afternoon? Because while you were living life, doing things, blissfully-ignorant of the plight of others, a tragedy occurred.

Two People Fell From the Roof to their Unfortunate Deaths

It’s a terrible tragedy. Of near-unimaginable suffering.

At present, all that can be heard [at the scene] are sighs of regret [from people that have gathered in the aftermath]…

…while the majority [of bystanders] can not bear to look directly at the scene, everyone without exceptions are making deep sighs of regret.

People at the scene don’t dare to look for too long a time; female comrades who have witnessed the scene for too long a time are scared to the point of tears. The main feeling expressed here by the onlookers is one of sympathy.

That’s right: the scene at this tragedy is so horrific that bystanders have gathered at this scene to simply stand by, preferring to shoegaze or stargaze or whatever it is that indie bands do these days. Just so that you know how tragic this story is, it’s right there in the title of the story:

Tragic! Brother and Sister Practice Driving a Motorcycle on the Roof, Die in Accidental Fall

And then gently espoused in the first few lines of the story:

So unfortunate! Why would they go to such a high place in order to learn how to drive a motorcycle? Suffering such an unfortunate incident, how will the family ever recover?

Not content with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and SRV, on May 29th at 2 in the afternoon in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, the “Wind Cried Mary” as the cruel sky claimed more yet victims. But this may be the fate of all dreamers who, like Icarus, would dare to touch the face of the sun. By learning how to drive a motorcycle atop a 15-meter high building.

The z-aerodynamic duo are a brother and sister pair surnamed Hu, aged 27 and 20, respectively. The reason why they were up on the 200 square meter roof, which lacks a safety railing, is very clear: they were supposed to be up on the roof. To meet someone.

The two had come to the Wenzhou Commerce and Trade Center to visit a relative that operated a flower shop. Because their relative was busy with work that they could not provide assistance for, they all decided to meet up later at a designated meeting area; this turned out to be the rooftop terrace, which is where the brother decided to teach the sister how to drive a motorcycle.

It was all fated once a location was set, and there was nothing no one could do to change it. Never before have the words “Okay then, I’ll see you there” been more ominous.

The pair sustained heavy head injuries, and the motorcycle/scooter in question lay nearby having sustained heavy damage to its front end. Bystanders called for emergency services, who did everything they could. Everything:

Paramedics at the scene employ every possible method to fervently save the victims.

Not long afterwards, paramedics arrived at the scene. Even though they did their best to save them, these two people would unfortunately die from their injuries. Afterwards, their remains were taken away.

The victim is shown being treated with a hospital-mandatory IV drip… and he still didn’t get better?  At least he finally got sent to the hospital after dying.

All the same, this article performs a civic-duty by reminding readers of safety awareness:

…this accident has grieved people so much because the pair were lacking in safety awareness; they did not wear motorcycle helmets nor had selected a suitable location for learning how to drive, bringing about this tragic accident.

Folks, remember: if you’re going to be learning how to drive a motorcycle atop a 15 meter high apartment building, always bring your helmet.

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  • http://www.kalanstar.com/ KopyKatKiller

    A Darwin Award nomination seems appropriate.

    • http://sinopathic.com/ terroir

      Yes, The classic battle between East VS West never ends.

  • mr.wiener

    It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, where else in the city are you going to find 200 square meter area wit no one on it?….but hang on, 200 sqare meters is only 10 by 20, and no guard rail…… That’s when common sense shoulda kicked in.

    • http://sinopathic.com/ terroir

      The very last level of “Twisted Metal” (4?) was also held on the rooftops of skyscrapers so tall that the draw distance rendered the ground as “fog”.

      Am in no way comparing this tragedy to classic console car combat. No way.

  • Germandude

    Intelligence is limited, stupidity is unlimited.